Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Uncertain phenomenon

It was in a hazy twilight 
but's it dawn or dusk
There was a  red sphere 
but's it the sun or the moon
Crimson and amber flames
but's it a volcano or a bush fire 
A figure arising from the fire
but's it matter or non matter 
Getting closer and closer 
but's it moving or still 
Tried to touch the entity
but's it tangible or intangible 
Felt a warmth and a chill 
but's it ash or ice
A sense of ambiguity
but's it a happening or fantasy  
In a moment a disappearance 
but's it there or not at all
Leaving some liquidity 
but's it tears or water 
It occurred in my vicinity
but's it in a dream or in reality
Certainly uncertain phenomenon  
but's it phenomenal or non 

Samanmalee Abayasiri

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

චපල විල

එක් නෙලුමක් මිලින වුව සොවින්

තවත් කැකුළු පිපෙනවා දුටිම්

පිපෙන පිපෙන කැකුළු හා තුටින්

ඉපිල ඉපිල නටන විල දුටිම්

සමන්මලී අභයසිරි