Friday, March 28, 2014

Oh these blooming lilies as white as snow


Oh these blooming lilies as white as snow 
on this crystal blue waters 
how could I row my boat
as I’ll wake them up from their sweetest dream   
The star blossoms descended from sky 
rest on this quiet blue waters 
no I don’t want to stir it up

Oh this splashing moonlight over this meadow
keeps me awake 
as if  you are beside me 
in my dreams a bee humming 
to the most beautiful inflorescence 
and I thought for a moment
that’s you my love

Oh this sweetest fragrance swept with this breeze
brings the essence of the sweet blossoms
isn't this you whom I feel 
the sleep seeping in hurting me
closing the dozing eye lids 
even in this hazy dream
a tear rolling down wets my cheek